About Bella Logistics LLC

The majority of Bella Logistics LLC is owned by Bella Sands Ltd, a subsidiary of Fireside Concepts, LLC, a Texas company founded in 2007. The founder of Bella Sands LTD realized the important role that logistics plays in the energy industry and made the decision to form a separate company to manage the logistics division of our services. Bella Logistics LLC was formed in 2013, and our headquarters is located in Boerne, Texas.

Bella Logistics specializes in providing high-quality frac sand and barite. Our frac sand is produced in Wisconsin and Texas, and our barite is produced in Mexico. We manage our own private rail fleet, as well as truck and transloading services in various locations throughout Texas and other regions of the United States. Our key areas of operations include Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other regions as required. Site visits to any of our operations are invited and can be arranged.

Our core leadership consists of professionals with strong skills in the area of finance, production, operations, logistics, and organizational management. We are versed in various languages, which also includes many years of various experience in foreign countries. We offer a high level of customer service. We are professional, courteous, thorough, and highly capable of delivering more than is expected.

office of Bella Logistics